On-Farm Grain Cycle

Sustainability is important on so many levels at Farmers Hen House. And sometimes sustainability means getting dirty!  Like with our On-Farm Grain Cycle, in which many of our farmers grow the grain required for their hens. The process includes growing grain, feeding it to the hens, then taking their waste (ahem, manure) and returning it […]

Local As Organic Gets

If you live in the Midwest, it’s likely that there are a number of small local organic egg companies on the shelf at your local grocery store and/or co-op.  Purchasing their eggs can be a great way to support your local farm economy.  Did you know though, that if you live in the Midwest, purchasing […]

Our Hens

Our Hens are an extension of our families.  While they may not receive the exact same treatment as our children, it’s not far from it.  We want them to have the best life they possibly can have, which is why we are Certified Humane.  We undergo a rigorous certification process to meet numerous standards that verify […]

Our Farmers

Our Farmers are the reason why we exist (hence the name).  Farmers Hen House began with the mission to provide local Amish and Mennonite farmers with a sustainable way to get their organic eggs into retail spaces.  For most Amish and Mennonite farmers, envisioning a life without farming is hard, if not impossible to do. Since all of our […]

A Letter From Farmer Merlin

Many of our farmers are Amish and Mennonite, and for some, being in front of the camera is not the most comfortable. However, they still desire to connect with you. In efforts to help build that connection, one of our farmers, Merlin, has written you a letter. If you would like to leave a message […]

Our Environment

Solar panels for processing plant

Our Environment is of the highest priority.  That is why we are committed to keeping our carbon footprint low, and why we have the only 100 percent solar-powered egg processing plant in the country.  We believe that what we put into the environment is what we get out of it, and for us, as farmers who […]

A Letter From Farmer Mervin

We’re excited to introduce you to one of our incredible free-range egg farmers, Mervin! Similar to Merlin, who we introduced to you, Mervin doesn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, but he still wants you to know about him, his farm, and family. Hopefully, you remember how to read cursive ?. Feel free to […]

Our Community

barn raising

Our Community is the heart of why we do, what we do, the way we do it.  That is why we care for hens, the farmers, and our environment with the greatest attention to detail.  It’s also why we have given away over 2.5 million eggs and hundreds of thousands of dollars to food banks and […]