These hens have the ability to freely go outside and enjoy vegetation, sunshine, and shade. Our family farmers work together to bring your family top-quality, free-range eggs laid by hens living a natural life where they can flap their wings, fly to perches, and dust bathe.
Indoor Standards Include:
  • Minimum of 2.0 square feet of range area per hen.
  • Outside vegetation and dust bathing areas.
  • Bushes/trees or structures for shade and shelter from predators access to outdoors for at least six hours/day, weather permitting.
Outdoor Standards Include:
  • Open, cage -free barns with an abundance of perches, private nests, and areas for dust bathing.
  • Minimum 1.2 square feet of floor space per hen.
  • 100% vegetarian diet.
Farm Cycle icon

On-Farm Grain Cycle

Many of our farmers grow all or some of the grain required by their hens. This creates a sustainable on-farm cycle of growing grain, feeding it to the hens, then taking their waste and returning it to the fields to fertilize the next crop.

Transparency on the Farm

Using blockchain technology, we show the farm of origin because there is a great satisfaction in knowing and trusting from who and where your food comes from.

Packed with Solar Power

All Farmers Hen House eggs are packed and processed in a facility that’s powered entirely by solar energy. That’s the final step in the cycle of sustainability before they’re shipped off to market.