Blueberry Cake

This recipe is an heirloom from Aunt Helen!  Don’t know her?  Try this recipe and you’ll know just how incredible of a baker she was!  This incredible blueberry cake recipe uses Farmers Hen House eggs, and, it can easily be gluten-free!

Harvest Hash

As the season changes, so do the ingredients!  Thankfully, with autumn approaching, there are some great seasonal ingredients, like butternut squash, kale, and as always, Farmers Hen House eggs.  This Harvest Hash recipe has them all!

Egg Cups

These egg cups are a great way to pack in healthy ingredients for the herbivore and omnivore in us all!  There’s something for everyone with prosciutto and kale serving as the vessel for your delicious Farmers Hen House eggs!

Cherry Tomato Parmesan Pasta with Sous Vide Eggs

While good eggs are key to making a good pasta, eggs can also be used to accompany a good pasta, and make it even better!  Especially when they’re sous vide!  Check out this incredible recipe from the even more incredible Morgan Berrington @forkmylifechi, and discover it for yourself!

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Possibly the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, and it just so happens, they’re gluten-free.  This recipe comes from the incredible @breadlessbella.  Follow her on Instagram for more great recipes!

Cajun Egg Scramble

Looking to spice up your scramble?  This healthy and delicious Cajun Egg Scramble from Morgan Berrington @forkmylifechi should more than suffice!

Roasted Garden Tomato Toast

Bring the vibrancy of the season onto your plate with this savory and sweet roasted garden tomato toast that will carry your palate to an English garden on a dewy summer morning.  Sounds nice, right?

Dilly Red Skin Potato Salad

Potato salad is a tried and true side to any summer BBQ.  However, this Dilly Red Skin Potato Salad from Morgan Berrington @forkmylifechi is so good it starts to move this side to the center.  Add it to your next BBQ and see for yourself!

Vanilla Frozen Custard with Fresh Strawberries

Looking for a classic frozen dessert to celebrate the 4th?  Check out this delicious and refreshing vanilla frozen custard with strawberry sauce recipe from Morgan Berrington @forkmylifechi.  It’s sure to compliment any summer celebration!

Spring Salad with Fennel and Eggs

This Spring Salad with Fennel and Eggs is a beautiful addition to any spring brunch or Easter table.  It’s made with shaved asparagus, fennel, and radishes, crunchy pistachios, silky goat cheese, and jammy eggs.  The dressing is to die for.